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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wolf Eyes Champion

Wolf Eyes has just released the Champion flashlight / torch. A slightly sleeker version on the classic Wolf Eyes designs, the Champion is only 21mm in diameter in the body with a  24.2mm diameter head.  The clip is removable and the torch outputs a nice 280 lumens. As most weapon mounts are 25.4 mm (1″)  we would not suggest this unit for weapon mounting but if you work undercover and would prefer a slimmer line to your suit but still need a powerful long run torch this unit may interest you.  Please contact the Wolf Eyes distributor in your country for more information.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wolf Eyes Angel A & C – rechargeable, small and bright!

The new Wolf Eyes lights are out, the Angel A and Angel C. These lights are very compact (the C is 21mm X 89mm) and up to 200 lumen output. They are available with rechargeable batteries but also without.

Wolf Eyes Angel C

There are 3 versions of the Wolf Eyes Angel

Wolf Eyes Angel A High Output: An AA flashlight with high output

Wolf Eyes Angel A Long Run: An AA flashlight with long running capabilities

Wolf Eyes Angel C High Output:A CR123 flashlight with high output

Wolf Eyes Tactical Flashlights and Torches are available worldwide, please use Google to find your local distributor

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome to Wolf Eyes flashlights and torches

Hello, In this little site we are going to try and provide up to date information and links to Wolf Eyes flashlights and torches. We will have the newer models like the Angel and new P7 model featured, as well as information on some of the current models as well, such as the Boxer and Crocodile.

The USA distributor is PTS-flashlights.com

The Australasian distributor is Quarterflash

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