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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 Hunter – firearm mounted light/flashlight

Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 Hunter

Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 Hunter

Upgraded from the 6HF & 6HX to give substantially more throw, the Wolf Eyes Sniper 260 Hunter features a unique mirror finish reflector to give optimum throw from it’s diminutive (5 inch) size.  5 shot groups of less than 1″ at 100 yards have been shot by the light from this flashlight alone! It’s 1 inch size means it fits in most mounts or the full range of barrel, scope or picatinny rail mounts is available. The supplied charger and battery ensure low running costs and 2 hrs 20 minutes worth of runtime on high.

More information:      http://wolfeyes.com.au/wolf-eyes-sniper-260-hunter-p-128.html

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